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Our Story

We are a family company created by mother and daughter as an initiative to find a path that allows us to share with you our experiences and knowledge of botanicals inherited from our grandmothers. We believe in the importance of prevention, taking care of cells to allow their optimal functioning and protection of your health.

Irina Wilkins is a Medical Doctor specialized in regenerative and anti-aging medicine from University of Seville in Spain. Irina Mendez is a Finance graduate student from Harvard with 12 years of experience working with alternative medicine and natural supplements.

We share our passion for nature and it’s infinite healing power.



To spread the healing power of nature


With our formulas developed under proven clinical studies, you will be able to increase your biological reserves, we will help you become friends with your own cells, create a well being and health in the mind and body. Bringing more life to your years and more years your life.


We want you to become your wellness captain giving you the power to help protect your cells


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Years of Experience in the Industry


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Vitamins and Minerals in our formulas

What makes us different?