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Tips to help relieve stress

Tips to help relieve stress

We live frantic moments with great emotional changes, we lived a world in a hurry, we wanted and apparently we had control of everything, we forget that we are our best investment of time and health.

The pandemic comes to turn our lives upside down, we had fear, hopelessness, anguish, uncertainty and despair, now we have to change our present with our experiences. Today we want to talk about some tools to control anxiety, irritability, despair, and anguish. ☀️

1. Improve your rest, everyone knows the importance of a restful sleep of at least 7 hours is the most effective way to give our mind recovery time and regain life force. 😴

2. Decreases muscle and blood pressure. We recommend you before getting out of bed to do some stretching exercises that greatly decrease muscle tension as well as take care of the consumption of salt and flours that raise blood pressure which will generate more anxiety so avoid them. 🧘‍♀️

3. Improve your self-esteem. Consolidate your internal strength and the security that you are unique and unrepeatable, practice repeating phrases several times that raise your self-esteem as I can! I am !! ✨☀️

4. Develop the feeling of fulfillment and well-being, no matter what stage of life you are in whatever your challenges today, value your victories more than your defeats, pay more attention to what makes you happy and promote it in your life. 💪🏻

5. Break the vicious circle of negative thoughts that hinder your well-being, surround yourself with happy people with good life skills, for each negative thought repeat ten qualities of life, when you least imagine you will be more positive. 🤩

6. Focus your attention on the present tense, focus on just for today, observe and develop the sensitivity of the moment, enjoy your breath, the song of a bird and the beauty of a flower 🌺 this technique will generate neurotransmitters of happiness. 


🤗 Give life to your years !! And mental health to your body !!!