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Nuts Benefits

Nuts Benefits

Have you ever wondered what are the benefit of nuts?

Walnut benefits 🌰

The walnut fruit of the walnut has been known to exist since Mesopotamian times, it is a very vigorous tree, it is oval in shape and generally white in the center, it has an oily appearance and a sweet taste. 🌲

There are several types of cashew nuts, macadamia nuts among others, it is normally eaten alone or mixed with other foods, including salads. 🍂

This wonder that Mother Nature gives us is one of the most appreciated nuts by all, because it provides us with great health benefits, as we will explain below.

Walnuts provide us with a significant amount of lecithin in a natural way, vitamins of the B complex, phosphorus, an element of great importance to maintain a good state of concentration and memory, in short, it favors cognitive activity.🌰🧠

Walnuts have a well-recognized reputation as appetite satiators helping to counteract overweight, they have a wide combination of fats and polyunsaturated fatty acids
Beneficial for health. 🌾

Walnuts are one of the most nutritious and healthy foods that exist and are indicated in the diet of those who suffer from cardiovascular conditions due to their content of vegetable omega3 and polyphenols and regulates the production of insulin.✨

It is good to comment that they should be ingested in adequate doses, never in excess, let's take care of our health with functional foods such as walnuts. 🍁